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“We want to hear from you.” on February 16, 2018

100 dating site It is important to Better Direct LLC that are clients are happy with our service. We want to hear from you about how we can improve. We strive to Follow every customer transaction from order placement, order fulfillment, making sure deliveries are on time and expedient invoicing and follow up to make sure The entire process is satisfactory. We can customize reports as requested to make sure you are well informed. Better Direct can also provide technology seminars onsite or offsite with any of our partners. We currently have a technology fair scheduled for March 28th, 2018 At the Talking … Read More

Growing Power on January 27, 2018

asia dating site If your business or organization is growing, then that means so are your technology requirements. If you are working out of a home office a power strip may be enough, but if not you will eventually need a PDU.  You may ask, what is a PDU? A PDU is a Power Distribution Unit, it distributes reliable power to multiple devices. It may not generate power but it does deliver AC power from an UPS, generator, and other devices such as networking hardware, and telecom equipment. PDU’s do the same job as a power strip but they are designed for installation … Read More

Lenovo Thinkpad Sale Until end of January 2018. on January 26, 2018

If you were waiting for the right time to purchase new Laptops, now is the time. Lenovo is having a sale until the end of this month on their Thinkpad Products. These laptops are very durable and reliable. Better Direct uses these Laptops for all of our employees and the failure rate is next to 0%. I like the thinkpads myself, because of the feel of the keyboard and the durability and the ease of how they insert into the Lenovo Docking station, which is an optional accessory. There are many different models ranging from the X1 carbon to the … Read More

“Better Direct is gearing up for a Busy Buying Season.” on January 19, 2018

Better Direct LLC. SEWP V and GSA contracts have been keeping our sales department very busy even throughout the Holiday’s.  We are now gearing up For the 2018 Buying season.  We are already seeing signs of a very busy year ahead. 95% of Better Direct’s Business is Federal, but we are also seeing growth in our SLED (State, Local and Education) Business.  We put on technology fairs throughout the Year that are geared towards SLED and Commercial agencies.  All of our fairs our hosted by multiple vendors. We currently have our emerging … Read More

-BYOD- Bring Your Own Device on January 17, 2018

Devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops are now used by many people in their everyday lives. We really don’t realize how much of them we use from emails, calls, social media, and work. We use these devices so much that a number of companies, such as IBM, is allowing their employees to bring their own devices to work. It has been a great way to increase employee satisfaction, so rather than being stuck with IT issued devices they will be using a device they prefer. Not only will employees and students have up to date devices, if they are … Read More

Have your TV Disappear! on January 17, 2018

With all the new technology coming out year after year, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a TV that disappears. Yes! LG is looking to come out with a 65-inch rollable OLED TV. Looks like a piece of long furniture that has the TV roll up like a paper in a tube. The TV rolls down when not in use and back up when it’s time to watch. It’s not yet said when this item will be available, but in the meantime, if this is something of your interest, here at Better Direct we can offer you many more … Read More

Samsung QLED 4K TV – Smarter Than Ever! on January 17, 2018

Very modern, sleek, and smarter than ever.  Samsung has brought you better picture and quality. It comes in different sizes, but they will all look great anywhere from your home to your workspace. Having smart apps included will make it easier to navigate all the great features it comes with making it enjoyable to watch. Wherever you choose to place this TV, you will not be disappointed. You can connect just about anything to it from mobile devices, to video games with an overall great picture you will not regret! If this is something that may not be in your … Read More

Not sure what you need or what you’re looking for? on January 17, 2018

On a daily basis we encounter frustrations with the daily systems we use. Have you ever thought maybe it’s not powerful enough for what we are using it for? Maybe it’s at the point where we need more space? These are all things we can assist you with since we have an in house engineer that can recommend based of what you current issues are. We can always work with you on building 1 to 5000 custom computers whether you require a tower or a laptop.  He can also work on your existing servers that need maintenance or ones you … Read More

The Trend Towards Online Shopping on December 8, 2017

With the development of the technology, people can shop online, order food, and even work from home with a smartphone or a laptop. Technology can save people a lot of time.  For example, when you shop online instead of at the mall, you avoid the time spent walking around in the shopping mall, comparing the prices between stores, and waiting for check out.  You increase the efficiency of your time spent shopping. Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping day of the year. According to the data online, in 2017, Cyber Monday … Read More

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon – Everything you are looking for in a laptop! on December 8, 2017

Weighing in at less than 3 lbs., this thin feeling laptop is great for everyday use for either work or home. With great details and specs, the performance ratings and reviews are great! What more could you ask for if you’re searching for something quick, compact, and good looking. Not to mention, the battery life is impressive! This option will replace your old ThinkPads, no questions asked. With technology that brings lightning-fast Thunderbolt 3 at speeds up to 40 Gbps, getting four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other port type, while also supplying power to … Read More

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