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Winning without Spinning

Storage on a computer is important because it is where your data lives on the machine.  Without storage, your files wouldn’t be accessible.  Spinning disks used to be the only option when it came to internal computer storage.  The faster they could make the disk spin, the faster you could access your files and information.  There are disks that can spin at over 15,000 revolutions per minute.  Increased speeds have decreased wait times (latency) from minutes to microseconds.  However, that still isn’t fast enough for many computer users.  Well the next generation of internal computer storage has arrived.  Instead of the old spinning disks we call hard disk drives (HDD), manufacturers are beginning to utilize solid state drives (SSD).  Solid state means that there is no motion to experience, no wait for disk to spin, and instant access to files.  Imagine clicking on a file and it opening instantly instead of waiting seconds to minutes for it to open.  SSDs are becoming the norm for computer users and they are making people more productive.  If you want a productive office environment, consider using Lenovo PCs with SSD.  Lenovo is the top manufacturer of computers in the world and with their platform in your office, you will be winning without spinning.  Contact Brian Bernadel, Enterprise Relations Manager, today for more information.

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