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What, How, Why – and Better Direct by Chris Hustrulid

In Sales101, you are taught several basic sales tools.  The most effective tool I have acquired is the “WHAT, HOW, WHY”.  Instead of simply selling a product, show the customer WHY they need it.


What product, service or widget do we sell?


How do we reach our buyers?


What is our purpose, our cause, our belief? Why does are company exist?

I do not mean profit, that it a result.

Why should customer buy what we are selling?

The Why far out-weighs the How and the What. The Why is emotional.

Q: What do we sell?

A: IT products and solutions.

Q: How do we sell?

A: You know how, we call you every day.  You recognize Josh and Kush’s numbers on your caller ID.


A: Not, why should you but from us, but rather – why do we do what we do?

I am sure all of you appreciate and look forward to yet another sales call from “Joe Sales Guy” with Wigets Exxxxpress, “Heey do ya’ll need any computeees?”

Better direct was founded on a few rock solid and simple values.

-Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.

We are educated and knowledgeable of the products we sell.  We are able and willing to provide IT solutions for our customers.  We strive to provide value.  You have several suppliers to choose from, so what sets us apart?  What does “providing IT solutions” really mean?

I have perplexed first-time buyers regularly.  Instead of simply taking an order, I inquire about what use the equipment will ensure.  For example – yesterday I received a call from a customer who required a new laptop with an i7 CPU and 4GB RAM.  I asked the following questions.

-Would they travel with the PC often or would it sit on a desk most of the time?

-Would they benefit from dual monitors?

-What internet connect do they have?

It turned out this particular customer lived in rural area with HughesNet Satellite Internet. He thought the i7 and 4GB RAM would speed up his web browsing.  He had no intent to use the laptop outside of his home and had never seen dual monitor set up.  I assisted in locating a cable ISP in his area and recommended an i5 desktop with dual 21” monitors.  Instead of simply taking an order I asked a few questions which resulted in a superior solution and monetary savings.

We are located in a HubZone. For us this is not just a gimmick.  Mark Evans, Founder, CEO, (and all around bad-a**) strives to hire individuals who live within the HUBZone.  A HUBZone is just that, a historical part of the city that needs some revitalization.  For us, it is the “Tempe Creamery”, built in 1892.  The HUBZone has some really cool restaurants and retail shops, but some parts of the neighborhoods are a bit neglected.  Mark Evans has an additional WHY.  He has the satisfaction of knowing on a daily basis he is providing income for families, and stimulating the economy in an area that needs it.  This is just one of the reasons I am proud to be part of Better Direct and am genuinely eager to provide intelligent and precise solutions for you!

-Chris Hustrulid

SDVOSB Certified
GSA Contract Holder