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The Wonderful World Wide Web by Chris Hustrulid

We live in the information age.  Information is accessible at an unprecedented level now.   We have Wikipedia and Google.  Due to the availability of information, literally any disagreement with your “college educated” ex-girlfriend can be muted by a few double clicks on her mouse.  I have a high school buddy would argue just for the sake of arguing.  He even would argue when he was accused of being argumentative!  Obviously he did it simply to be boisterous in some feeble form of “peacocking”.  Now, with every teenager having a smart phone in his pocket these days, he will have to find an additional pick up tactic.

Microsoft’s original Mission Statement was to put a “Personal Computer in the hands of every American.”  According to a 2009 Nielsen report, more than 80% of Americans have home computers, and almost 92% have access to the Internet.  When Bill Gates handed over the CEO position to Steve Ballmer in 2000, Steve then changed the company’s Mission Statement to the following; “To make any and all information accessible to everyone anywhere at any time.”  I was all of 20 years old when this happened; I wasn’t even legal to drink a beer.  Yet, I vividly remember reading that article.  I happened to be sipping on aforementioned “forbidden” beer and thought to myself, “NO WAY. That is impossible.”

I have to close up this blog, because I have calls to make.  I love the internet. I love pausing a movie and looking up that actor I remember from……something.  I enjoy reading random Wikipedia information for no reason at all.  I was recently condo shopping and found a place I simply, well loved (as in thought girls would also love it).  I did a quick Google search and was informed that the landlord was a less than…ok he was a slumlord.

I am fully aware that a few bad reviews are no reason to discount a person or business.  I searched on legitimate renting web sites and found review after review of past renters that had horrible experiences.  The details were generally the same, unusually high deposits and then being refused their deposits, even when the domicile was cleaned and undamaged.

The WWW is also a place where anonymous individuals with a vendetta can post pretty much whatever they want.  It is up to us as intelligent consumers to see beyond that and make an intellectual, informed decision.

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