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“The NSA’s Role in the Cyber World” by Anissa R. Castro-Stopher

The 2015 presidential debates have been a tailspin this year (as usual) but one particular subject that grabbed my attention was the debate between the National Security Agency (NSA) and Rand Paul that delved into the point of the U.S. Government being able to tap into the personal computer systems of any citizen they deem fit. They claim they only do it if the person appears to be participating in “suspicious activity”…or so the story goes. But how are we to know who and why anyone is looking into our personal computers, and for what reasons? Now this sounds to be like an obscene invasion of privacy, but it could hold positive affects in the detection of internet hackers and pedophiles that are lurking everywhere without us knowing.


The NSA blankets the nation’s computers with security software that detects any form of suspicious activity that pops up on radar. Now this is a great way for them to detect malicious activity, but what bad could come out of this? A lot of people don’t vote for the NSA blanket radar because they feel the intention of the government isn’t to monitor, but to spy instead. Which holds true to the possibility that the government could be using these top security blankets to tap into other countries IT infrastructures to find out information that they aren’t really entitled at viewing. This makes me question our government’s trustworthiness and integrity. But then again, what other plan of action do we have in fighting the cyber world battle? This could very well be the only solution to early detection in preventing kidnaps, identity theft and other life threatening dangers. What would you do?


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