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“The Importance of National Cyber Security” by Anissa Castro-Stopher

I took an interest in Information Technology mid –January of 2010 when I was stationed in Doha, Qutar on an overseas assignment for the Air Force. I became accustomed to the IT Cyber Security sect associated with the U.S. Military and U.S. National Defense agencies in only 5 months.  So what does it take to keep our nation safe from cyber-attacks and threats? Securing our nation’s technological infrastructure involves comprehensive actions to help blanket and monitor our nation’s information from potential cyber-attacks. These actions include extensive technology to help combat those potential threats.


The Cyberspace Policy Review was set into effect May 2009. This policy involves onset monitoring of all corners of the nation’s cyber space in order to promote cyber awareness and digital literacy. Cyber security is one of the most sought after services to defend against national terrorism and holds high in the national average for top grossing careers to be involved with, as of today. I was enlisted in 2008 and shortly after President Obama initiated an intensive order to all federal national defense agencies to help defend and monitor U.S. information from being infiltrated by unwanted outsiders. Cyber security investments that year for The United States included an estimated worth of over $14 billion a year, starting in February 2014.


I learned that in order to protect information within our nation’s walls, we have to consciously be aware of the initial threat. Every day we are threatened with malicious lures and it gives me satisfaction to know that my country is actively involved in eliminating what they can, at the best of their abilities. For more information about intrusion detection and prevention, please contact Anissa Castro at Better Direct.


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