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“Technology All Around Us” by Anissa Castro-Stopher

I’ve noticed lately that technology has taken a giant leap in innovation. And as I look around I see every day the new developments in technology and the potential it has on helping people who need it most. So what’s new in innovative technology? I’ve been taking an interest in the complexity of the technology involved in hand surgery because my father works as a surgeon’s technician. My father said that there have been few developments in technology for hand surgeries. Most of the patients who have gone through major traumatic hand injuries, almost never gain feeling or complete movement in their hands again. My father also said that the lack of feeling later leads to severe disabilities and complications for folks who have had hand surgery. If only we could have a technology so advanced, it could help with the everyday health and moral of human beings?


My father said that current developments in complex technologies are creating new opportunities to repair, regenerate and restore tissue that forms within the hand, so that the risk of permanent loss is reduced. Today reconstructive hand surgeons spend most of their waking hours developing technology and finding new ways for patients to deal with severe hand injuries. Hopefully one day, technology will develop small enough to maneuver inside the walls of the tiny human hand. If you are interested in how technology can improve your efficiency like it has for these surgeons, please contact Anissa Castro-Stopher for more information.


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