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How secure is your Data


As the year ends we hear so much of the lose and Data breaches hat can impact the business and often times put you out of Business.  We have heard of the 40 million credit card thefts at Target. Every business is impacted by Security Breaches.

Here is a couple of statics we should think about as the year ends    On average, organizations have had approximately 55 employee-related incidents of fraud in the past 12 months, according to the study.This translates to slightly more than one fraud event perpetrated by a malicious

 insider per week! Rogue insiders that steal data or conduct fraudulent transactions cause brand damage or financial loss in 74 percent of the organizations that experienced an incident. Fraudulent activity can be simply accessing

private information from the company data base. Rogue employees that purge files and download them and remove them from the business. Many studies find the privileged users sometimes alter application controls to access

or change sensitive information that can be detected by proactively monitoring systems logs or using behavioral analysis software.  In the times of great technology upgrades and new security technology today a company has to

be concerned on how to improve data security. So what is the answer: Reducing internal threats begins with creating a culture of security, It takes a sustained security awareness program. It takes a consistent message that

executive leadership values  security and employees must embrace strong security practices for long term success. Security is not only in the application and culture of the company but must start at the top and filter down to

each  employee.  Review your current security culture and contact Better Direct we specialize in security software. Database activity monitoring that reduce the risks posed by internal threats. Whitelisting technology works to

ensure only authorized code is utilized. There are other now coming forward to help you continue to grow your Business. Here at Better Direct appreciate the security of all our clients and will help you learn more and protect

your company from data breach risks.


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