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Protecting Your Data on Removable Media by Sara Amodio

Ever wonder how to secure information on removable media?  It’s possible to protect your USB drives, external hard disks, cards, and rewritable CDs and DVDs – all of which can be easily misplaced or stolen. There are ways to protect it initially so that you don’t have to worry about any of your important data landing in the wrong hands. This is a product that I would make a priority – especially in a collaborative work environment where you are sharing data with your colleagues or traveling on business. With simple installation of Sophos’s Safeguard RemovableMedia, you can protect all data with seamless and transparent encryption. You can simply drag and drop files onto the media where they are automatically encrypted or the encrypted data can be accessed by password-protected self-executable files. This is a case where it doesn’t take long to have peace of mind. So why take the chance?

-Sara Amodio

SDVOSB Certified
GSA Contract Holder