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Move don’t Snooze.

Ever had to move from one place to another?  Most people at some point and time, go through a complete move.  It can be tiring and stressful as well as extremely costly.  Very few people stay in one place their entire lives.  I have been moving out of an apartment recently and into a bigger house.  It is nice because we have far more space than we had in our apartment and my son finally has his own bedroom.  He gets to play with all of his toys at once now and he is loving it.  My wife was worried that the move would be too stressful and that the higher payments would have us struggling to pay rent.  She had a discussion about it with a friend who told her that he thought I was more concerned with moving forward in life rather than being comfortable with my bills.  He was right and that was a big motivator for me to find the house in the first place.  Of course this month also happen to have Martin Luther King Jr. day and a lot of people have been posting his writings and sayings this month.  One of them really hit home for me and I found it to be exactly what I needed to read.   “If you can, run.  If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. No matter what you do, in life you must continue moving forward.  The fact is that no matter what your are doing in life, you must find a way to persevere and continue fighting.  You must know what you are trying to accomplish in order to reach your goals.  Whatever your goal is, move, don’t snooze.

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