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What are you doing to monitor your network today? by Josh Wood

“What are you doing to monitor your network today?”


In this day and age of hacktavists and disgruntled employees, you don’t need to look hard to understand why network security is so important.


If knowledge is power and information is money, then the variety of personal information and data collected on individuals seems to grow at a rate of almost exponential proportions that not even the Federal Reserve’s printing press can keep up — and every organization’s network potentially faces thousands of threats daily.


The Computer Security Institute (CSI) conducted a study on network security threats and security breaches and discovered that 70 percent of companies polled have had some type of security breach. Interestingly, of the 70 percent that had breaches, 60 percent came from internal sources.  Although external (anonymous) threats still exist it wasn’t until a few years ago that the idea of information or data leaving the network from the inside became a reality.  It is a costly issue for companies for a variety of reasons in addition to being an avoidable compliance failure.


With regulation violations like PCI & HIPPA always in the news it’s no wonder companies look for ways to insulate themselves from the embarrassment and lawsuits associated from a breach and the crippling fines associated with violations.


Companies need to not just be concerned about protecting the perimeter of their network but also aim to protect every key resource and service from the inside out.  So ask yourself a few questions….


What are you doing to monitor your network today?


Do you have a visual map of your network and all devices attached?


Did you know that HIPAA regulations apply to any employer in the US and are you prepared for an audit?


Would you like to protect access to key information — such as member, employee or patients records, credit card information, or other sensitive proprietary information?


Would you like to be immediately notified of suspicious activity and respond faster to security threats and preemptively thwart attacks?


Alas, what is the network administrator to do?  Thankfully there is a complete and total solution to these external and internal security issues and two simultaneous new solutions that we would like to bring to everyone’s attention.


The first is Ipswitch WhatsUpGold and the second is Awareness Technologies InterGuard.


WhatsUpGold is a network monitoring application.

  • Discovers all IP addressed and SNMP enabled devices in a network
  • Maps the network topology with a Layer 3 view
  • Monitors what is happening to all devices in real-time
  • Alerts when something in the network goes wrong
  • Reports status of monitored devices with 200+ customizable reports

Awareness Technologies Interguard is an internal threat prevention SaaS solution

  • Filters block and record browsing based on categories or content
  • Monitors and records computer activity(email,webmail,IM,websearch,Keystroke)
  • Loss Prevention prevents leakage of data in motion and at rest & remote deletes
  • Laptop Recovery geolocates monitors and remotely retrieves files and/or delete

With agencies and companies like the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, and Microsoft already using these solutions ask yourself one more question, should you be too?



Josh Wood

Better Direct


SDVOSB Certified
GSA Contract Holder