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Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient by Jean Weise

Finding Energy Loss

The cheapest kilowatt is the one you don’t use.  With this in mind, when we can locate an area where we are losing energy and take corrective action where we can use less energy, in effect obtaining a large number of the cheapest kilowatts because we will be able to lower the number we use.

One of the first things you need to consider to locate areas where energy loss is occurring is to obtain an interior and exterior view of your data center with respect to thermal loss. Doing so will point out areas where you may be able to reduce thermal loss easily. To measure this in your IT environment, FLIR offers several types of thermal sensors, ranging from handheld point and shoot to more sophisticated devices. For more information on FLIR, visit

Replacing Monitors
Until a few years ago your choice for obtaining monitors was limited to either CRT devices or the more modern and sometimes less energy-efficient LCD flat panel monitors, that in addition to being energy hogs had at least the saving grace that their use considerably reduced the footprint of a monitor on an employee’s desk. Light-emitting devices (LEDs) are now being used in a new class of monitors that offers the potential to reduce power consumption by approximately 40% beyond the energy use associated with LCD displays.


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