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Lost or Cost.

Ever notice that when you hear a new song on the radio it stays with you longer than the songs you hear every day?  I think I listen to the lyrics more the first time I hear a song and maybe that is why they seem to be stuck in my head for so long.  I always try to think about what the song means and what the language used is intended to represent.


The other day I heard a song about letting go.  The song was more about how you always miss the things that we let go.  It talked about how we miss the summer when its winter and vice versa.  Then in the chorus the singer says that you only know you love her once you let her go.  It is something we often don’t think about.  What do you do when you lose something and how will you react to it?  I lose my sunglasses every morning before work, and it seems to drive me crazy. Just ask my fiancé, she has been woken up several times in the morning to hear, “WHERE ARE THEY!!!!?” 


Life is too short to spend it made about being cut off on the highway, or whatever infuriating situation you have to deal with.  Instead of getting mad about it, try thinking about all that you actually have.  It doesn’t matter if it is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Be happy because some people only have peanut butter.


Your life isn’t as bad as it may seem and there is always a positive way to look at things.  I am trying to learn to take this advice myself and I know it is not always as easy as it sounds.  But perseverance will achieve more success than blame and anger so strive hard and forget not those that you have lost. Because the cost of forgetting is more loss.

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