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“Learning Made Easy” by Scott Kane

I just read an article on about the fact that LinkedIn purchased for $1.5 billion earlier this year, which will help people easily gain skills. Information about working professionals and businesses are being drawn from LinkedIn, which will help employees get in touch with online classes that will prevent any shortcomings they may have had in their education profile.  This new tool will help people by giving them learning flexibility and not forcing them to rely only to on the job training.  LinkedIn has compiled data from companies about what experience will be needed to fill various positions. offers about hundreds of courses and hundreds of thousands of videos in various languages and topics provides education to bridge the gap for professionals and employees.  This is a great tool to let job seekers know what skills they are missing and match them up to the courses that are being offered.  A free trial of will be offered through LinkedIn to its users soon.  According to the article, Lynda will offer courses at about a cost of $35.00 per month.


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