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The Keys to Success

Success is defined in a lot of different ways.  Some people think the measure of success is based on the amount of money you make or how big your home is.  Others think that success is building a family and being able to support them.  In fact, it seems that most people seem to think that success is measured only by monetary means.


For me, success is much simpler.  Not getting angry in traffic, finishing a much needed task, or simply finding peace with a very busy schedule means a successful day.  Sometimes I forget that just getting by means I don’t have to worry about falling from the top and losing everything.


Usually, I try to tell people to be motivated and work hard.  Today I am telling you the opposite.  Find some peace, relaxation, and tranquility.  I am telling you this because I took my own advice this past Wednesday evening and by doing so I found clarity and finally closed a deal at work.  It wasn’t a big one, but I got a chance to build report with my customer and I got some real experience at working a deal from beginning to end.  I honestly don’t think I could have done it if I hadn’t found the peace I needed to sound confident and precise when it came time to close.


Don’t measure your success on money alone.  Be happy with what you have and find the ability to remain loose and relaxed like a football player before kickoff. Most athletes I know will tell you that when they hold a calm hand, it is because the keys to success are inside it.

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