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Are You Keeping Your Goals? By: Brian Bernadel

The first month of the New Year is coming to an end and many people have already forgotten their New Year’s resolutions.  Some people think that resolutions because the goals are too high.  I used to think the best way to succeed was to set easily attainable goals.  One thing I am learning is that if you never fail, you never learn to succeed.  I am starting to learn that by challenging myself, I can achieve greater things.  I used to think that setting unrealistic goals was worthless because it allows for failure.  I realize now that sometimes success isn’t just accomplishment.  Someone said to me yesterday, “Shoot for the moon because at least if you miss, you land among the stars.”  As business minded people and entrepreneurs, we are often faced with failure.  I think it is important to remember that success can be found in failure and not to be afraid if it, because it can teach us how to succeed.

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