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Internet of Things (IoT) – Turn the World Smart

The internet changed our entire lives; most people nowadays can’t live without the Internet. When Internet of things is connected, everything has the possibility of getting “smart”.

When IoT connects our phone to other devices, we call it a Smartphone. In just in 20 years, smartphones have become a must have as a personal device all over the world.  It features an expansive and responsive display from which to check email, stream video, play audio and browse the internet much like what’s experienced on a personal computer.

When IoT connects appliances and devices in your home to your smart phone, your home turns “smart”. You can control a thermostat, LED lights, door locks, garage doors, even your bed from anywhere you have a signal. Motion sensors will send an alert when there’s motion around your house, and they are so smart, they can even tell the difference between pets and burglars.

The day is rapidly approaching when your car will connect to your Smartphone. Then that Smart Car will be able to take you anywhere you want to go.

Bill Gates has purchased nearly 25,000 acres of land in southwestern Arizona for the construction of a brand-new “smart city,” AZ Central reported on 16 Nov 2017. “In conjunction with Belmont Partners, who holds the property, Gates’s investment firm, Cascade Investment LLC, has committed $80 million to build a community composed of offices, stores, schools, and homes. The community will be known as Belmont.  The new smart city uses the latest technology available such as sensors, connected devices and real time analytics to solve and the city’s challenges, and plans a better environment for the future.”

At Better Direct we work the cutting edge technology companies that offer many of these smart devices and the supporting hardware. If this subject interests you, contact us for more information.


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