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The Importance of Compatibility – By: Josh Breese

A big part of my job at Better Direct is reaching out to customers and IT folks on a daily basis. One of the things I like to bring up is compatibility.  As a value added reseller it’s my job to ensure you’re getting the right product for the right job.  One of the nice things in dealing with Better Direct is; we are trained to be concerned with compatibility. 


When something is not configured correctly or the wrong part is ordered, the first and usually the most important thing lost is TIME.  There’s typically a 2 to 3 day approval process, then there’s shipping and tracking information that needs to be arranged, we track the package, receive the package, adjust the credit, refund the money or send out the replacement.  It’s a very time consuming process. 


One of the core competencies at Better Direct is not just find out what you want, but finding out what the hardware or software will be, and what you’re going to use it for.  By solving this issue with proper preparation and attention to detail, we are effectively able to save companies money, get their products to them more efficiently and most of all, save TIME. 


The next time you go to order a server, or a license, even just a battery for your phone or laptop, make sure your rep asks you: 1) What you need it for and 2) what you will be installing it into.

 If he doesn’t, you don’t have time for him.


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