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Backwards or Forward?

I work in a company that is a sales based company.  Although I view my role here as more public relations oriented after all what I’m really selling is myself and my abilities. Even though, sales are still a big part of our business as they are for most businesses in America.  Sales are what drive profits.  Sales are the reason I come to work every day.


If everyone in the country suddenly stopped buying anything, no one would have any money to buy anything.  The economic circle would cease to exist and we would all be in serious trouble.


I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I started to think about what direction our economy is headed.  It is obvious that we cannot afford to continue hemorrhaging debt if we want to create a sustainable society.  Are we really heading forward?


I think that it might be time for us to take some steps back.  Maybe several in fact, because we are heading for disaster if we don’t make some serious changes.  One example of a way to do this is invest is solar power or other forms of sustainable energy.  Try to conserve at home by using energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.


And my last piece of advice for you today is to take a walk.  It will allow you to get some fresh air, exercise, and peace of mind.  Free your mind from the rest of the world so that you can focus on what is truly important.  Going backwards may not seem like it is getting you anywhere, but it will bring you farther forward than you ever imagined possible.

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