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Flash Systems

Once again IBM is leading the transformation in data processing with flash – the tipping point in systems.  As your business demands increase, Flash is enabling you to keep up to speed.  What we are seeing is that flash is outperforming disks, but questions arise that it may too expensive.  It might be a little more expensive than disk if you are only considering the cost per GB of the hardware acquisition.  But if you factor in the cost of datacenter floor space, power and the cooling, then the cost of getting the same performance out of spinning disk is more than 10X the cost of flash. 


Also keep in mind… tape is cheaper than disk but it doesn’t mean we use it for real time data access.  But all things considered, what we need to remember is in the short term Flash is certainly more costly the HDD, but over the long term when it comes to energy costs it becomes more interesting.  What we are seeing is that low-latency and hyperscale computing are reshaping the fundamental design of databases and systems.  As a result, the shape of the IT industry is being radically altered.


IBM offers an opportunity to our customers for a customized assessment on how IBM flash can optimize your business. You can contact us for information on how to schedule an IBM flash competency assessment.


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