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E-Rate Program for Schools, Libraries and Students. by Ron Newlin

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published a report that reviewed their progress over the past 18 years since the Program’s inception.  The program’s goal to connect all schools and Libraries to Wi-Fi in communications technology is a lofty one. The program has reached virtually all of the schools it has targeted, and continues to close the gap for remote and underprivileged students and libraries with the use of Wi-Fi.


One fact that caught my attention when reading the report dated July 11, 2014, is the speed has increased on networks. Modernizing the installed networks has once again become critical to keep pace with the amount of information needed in today’s fast learning environment.  The Increased speed should make for a boom in tablets, laptops, and smart phones.  It would seem with a push in Wi-Fi, that we could eventually see a push towards e-learning, much like we have seen in online universities.


It makes one wonder if the days of classrooms and brick and mortar locations are not long for this world.  Technology manages our children’s days, and the parents can even take part by conferencing with teachers, students and other faculty members. The FCC claims they will connect another 10 million students in 2015. Seems like schools, are on their way to the virtual classroom.

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