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Nearly everyone today has heard of the “cloud” but many people still wonder what it is.  The term “cloud” seems so omniscient that it can be very intimidating and scary.  Especially for the fact that most people assume that a “cloud” is going to be unprotected and vulnerable to  internet predators.   The fact is that the “cloud” is nothing more than an online storage environment that can be accessed from nearly anywhere.  Many manufactures are building small personal storage devices that have the ability of creating a private cloud for consumers.  Lenovo is no stranger to new and emerging technology and they do their best to stay ahead of the curve.  That is why Lenovo will soon be introducing their very own personal storage device for cloud usage called the Beacon.   According to Lenovo’s website, the Beacon is a personal cloud storage device, a digital entertainment/data hub and can be accessed by a user’s smartphone from nearly anywhere.  Lenovo also claims that the Beacon makes it simple for users to capture and relive memories from personal media.  They believe that with the camera auto upload feature, people can automatically upload a photo from their smartphone’s camera via WiFi  to store a copy of it on Beacon. Lenovo even created a custom app that allows users to use their Android smartphone as a remote control to play their multimedia stored on Beacon to a TV connected by HDMI.  Lenovo plans to make the Beacon available to the public for purchase in April of 2014 and to be priced at $199 not including shipping or storage drives.  It will have XBMC powered by a dual-core processor and will be able to support 6 terabytes of hard drive space.  However, the Beacon will not include any hard drives which is actually a good thing because people will be able to choose what hard drive manufacture to use or utilize hard drives they already have on hand.  The Beacon will be available through and companies like Better Direct.  For more information on the Lenovo Beacon, call Brian Bernadel, Enterprise Relations Manager @ 480-921-3858×236.

Lenovo's Personal Cloud Storage Device

Lenovo’s Personal Cloud Storage Device

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