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Just as we always strive to offer our customers the best possible service and products when they visit our online store, see us in person, or over the phone, we also make every effort to run an ethical business where people want to work and shop. We’ve made this a priority since we started in 2006, through the owner’s deployment to Afghanistan in 2009, upon his return, and always will.

Our employees and customers have told us that they expect Better Direct to be a company that supports America and contributeS to the communities we serve.  We provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities and support for our employees.   Our commitment to running a socially responsible company is something we take pride in ensuring every day through our actions.

Our Strategy

Making ethical business decisions that benefit our employees, customers and communities is something we’ve done since the start. For example, we moved to a HUBZone in 2008, a historically underutilized business zone where there are more people than real job opportunities.  For over four years we’ve made a difference in our local community.  HUBZone is a Small Business Administration program we follow with the goal of bringing jobs to an area where the people live, which brings spending to the area, which brings revitalization.

The SBA HUBZone goal is 35% of the employees must live in the HUBZone.  Our ratio is 70% employment from the HUBZone.

In the past we have gone by word of mouth feedback to see where we were with customers and employees.  We simply tried to do the right thing.  This worked for us, but we needed a more strategic approach.  In 2012 we realized we needed a more organized way to know how we are doing.  We’ve developed asking for feedback on every transaction.  We also feel everyone will benefit if we ask for comments on how sales and service calls.

Besides supporting the HUBZone, Better Direct sponsors employees and customers in the annual PF Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon.  It is the largest race in the country due to the perfect weather, flat course, and it falls on the long Martin Luther King Day weekend.   The course runs past the Better Direct office in Tempe.  We plan on having a cheering section for the January 2013 race.

Better Direct’s other efforts for health and fitness are an onsite Vectra weightlifting machine, an elliptical machine, medicine balls, a trampoline, and hand weights.  Filtered water is always available and a bowl of fresh fruit is almost always on the front table.

There is a boxing gym near the office where one or two people go everyday.  It is elite personal training right in our HUBZone.  Grown men have been wiped out in minutes by the pace.  Every person at Better Direct is strongly encouraged to attend a session.  The reviews are mixed, but most people do pretty well at it regardless of age or gender.

Another part of our culture is headsets.  We do a lot of phone work and we live in the beautiful Sonoran desert.  People are encouraged to walk and talk while they work.

We make modifications with our desks too.  You’ll see some standing desks, a person using an exercise ball as a chair, a desk that is drafting height.  The world of desks was built for people who are 5’5″, but people come in all shapes and sizes.  Desks and chairs should in high tech offices too.

We continue to make progress and deepen our culture.  Our beliefs will steadfastly be health, happiness, America, the HUBZone – and standing desks!

Our Efforts

In 2012 we have started to chronicle our efforts with a daily update on our News tab.   Watch for it to see our progress.  We will keep you updated on our products, service levels, work output, and community efforts.  Through daily reporting of our activities, we have learned this holds us accountable and helps us make improvements for the future.

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