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Better Direct was founded in 2006 by Mark Evans.  The company started as a value add service partner for IBM and Lenovo.  Things took off and more brands were added to offer solutions for more clients.  The government program continues to grow since Better Direct is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, in a HUBZone, with a GSA Contract.  Software as a service, Cloud,  is the most requested new service offering of Better Direct.  Better Direct is nimble and proactive to the changing IT needs of our clients.


Mark Evans is the general manager and president of Better Direct.  Since the start he has been hands on and highly interactive with customers and their orders.  He is a two tour combat veteran.  His first was Desert Storm in 1990 and his next was Afghanistan in 2009.  Mark’s IT background is ten years with IBM Direct.  He moved to Arizona to study history at ASU while serving with the Arizona National Guard and taking a summer job sailing the Panama Canal route on a merchant tugboat.   He strives for each client to have an excellent customer experience.   He is highly available if you want to say hello or offer any feedback.


In the beginning, it was the best route to get the business started by focusing on two of the most trusted brands in the IT business, IBM and Lenovo.  The business model served the company well, but there was room for expansion to offer a one stop shop IT solution center for customers.  About a year into things, Better Direct, sought additional world class brands and distributors to facilitate company growth.  IBM and Lenovo are still the best brands for lowest total cost of ownership.  They spend a lot of money on research and development and support.  We focus on them, yet provide inventory and support for all major brands.  We can’t say enough good things about IBM and Lenovo.  They are the most well thought out products in the industry today.  Customers still get quality with other vendors, but we stand by our recommendation of considering IBM and Lenovo as first choice.


The GSA Schedule is a government contract awarded to Better Direct.  This allows buyers to purchase IT with pre-approved pricing.  The company also is a certified service-disabled-veteran-owned-business with a HUBZone certification.  These are set asides that government buyers look for to help small businesses in underutilized business areas grow and compete with the largest of companies.  Already, we have buying power that competes.  The set asides are nice though because we do a great job and are proud that our country supports our efforts too.  How to best serve our business and government is forefront on our daily agenda.


New technology is on our minds.  Software as a service, Cloud, is a hot topic in IT.  Cloud is especially beneficial to small to medium businesses.   There are new brands and solutions that are offering amazing capabilities.  We have over 260 cloud brands for business to recommend.  IBM SmartCloud is one.  You will still need devices to enter the Cloud.  A Lenovo is a quality choice whether it be a notebook, tablet, all-in-one desktop, workstation, or a desktop with multiple flat panel monitors.



A company that has been working hard and growing since 2006, Better Direct is your proud Veteran owned solution provider.  Thank you to our long time customers, our new customers, the Better Direct team, our friends and family who helped grow Better Direct.  We all can pat ourselves on the back for making a nice company possible.


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