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Cloud Data Backup by Joe Marquez

Recently, Cloud data backup has grown more and more popular.  Our phones do it, our tablets do it, and soon when you visit the doctor’s office they’ll be able to send a “back up” of you to the cloud.

It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what and the National Institute of Health are up to.  They have teamed up to create the 1000 Genomes Project, and thus far have already collected 1,700 human genomes.  Put more simply, they have compiled the recipe for making 1,700 different people.

Researchers hope that by having this kind of data on hand, they’ll be able to gain a better understanding on the role genes play on disease.

This story speaks volumes about the usefulness and importance of cloud technology, and particularly that it’s a technology that’s here to stay.  If you haven’t taken a serious look at utilizing cloud for your own personal data backup, let Better Direct be the one to show you why you should.

For less than a $1 a GB, you can back up all or part of your data and every time your data changes, so does your backed up copy.  Better Direct will keep two copies of all your saved data, store it in two separate parts of the country, and you can rest assured that any important files that you can’t afford to lose will be in safekeeping.

Interested in seeing what Better Direct can do for you and/or would you like more details?  Give me a call and we can discuss your backup needs and how we can best serve you!

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