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“Change of Pace” by David Young

As I come upon my second anniversary here at Better Direct, I started to reflect on how my journey has unfolded from my beginning at a large reseller in 1997, to the transition of selling for a major manufacturer, and now working for a small business.  I must say that they all come with their advantages and disadvantages, but as time goes by, I realize that I like the independence of working for a small business at this stage in my life.


A few of the advantages of working for larger companies and major manufacturers is the staff that you have behind you to take a lot of the usual worries off your plate.  You don’t have to worry about credit checks, accounts payables, returns, product management and inventories.  You have a team of trained technicians to assist you with the various manufacturers and product lines that you carry.  Your sole focus is calling customers and making the sale, and trying to connect with them on the tiniest level so that they remember you when new needs arise.  If you have a problem with a delivery, or a customer needs to return an item, you have an army of folks that take care of those issues and all you have to do is fill out the correct form.


Now that I have couple of years under my belt here at Better Direct, I can say that the relationships that I have been able to build with my customers have been amazing. I am able to connect with them on so many more levels than just the job, and that means a lot to both my customers and myself. I don’t have to treat every call as a sales call. I can wish them a Happy Birthday, ask them how their children or grandchildren did in their ballgame or even talk about the latest movie they saw. I no longer have the army of people behind me to take care of the back office operations, but that allows me to reach out to other departments that I had not worked with before.


At this stage of my life, I find that I am able to enjoy the life of an employee in a small business environment more than I would working for a Fortune 1000 company.


David Young

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