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“Bluetooth Makes Life Easier” by Scott Kane

I guess the following will make my age evident. I became interested in electronics in the 1970’s when reel to reel, eight track, and cassette recorder/players were dominant technologies in the music industry. That may have been long ago, but it does not mean that technology is dead. I recently heard from a friend that because of high demand, there will be a Swiss audio manufacturer will be going back to making tape recorders incorporated with today’s technologies like Bluetooth.


Who would have ever thought that you would be able to connect your phone or computer to wirelessly via Bluetooth to a sound bar or subwoofer and listen to your favorite music? The wires to connect your player of choice to a speaker are finally gone. I pulled out my USB pluggable turntable the other day and had it connected to my laptop when I realized that I could connect it to my Bluetooth system, which sounded really impressive. I also love benefit of the Bluetooth technology allowing me to connect my computer or phone to my printer wirelessly and it works well. I can’t say I have ever had a problem. Who knows what technology lies ahead in the coming year? If you need help with Bluetooth technology, please don’t hesitate to call.


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