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“Alternate Memory Can Be Used” by Scott Kane

If you are shopping for memory for your servers or computers keep in mind that you do not really need to obtain memory from the manufacturer of your device. Memory can be purchased through alternative manufacturers such as Axiom, Kingston, Edge and Many other manufacturers that Better Direct supplies. Some manufacturers will tell you if you use products from alternate manufacturers in your device, that the warranty will be voided. I was recently reading on and I found out that the fact is that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 Guards against this. In the workstation and server markets, this violates sections 1 and 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act (15 United States Code sections 1 and 2). The United States Supreme Court has stated:

“The essential characteristic of an invalid tying arrangement lies in the seller’s exploitation of its control over the tying product [here, the computer system] to force the buyer into the purchase of a tied product [here, the memory module sold by the system manufacturer] that the buyer either did not want at all, or might have preferred to purchase elsewhere on different terms. When such “forcing” is present, competition on the merits in the market for the [memory module] is restrained and the Sherman Act is violated.” Jefferson Parish Hospital District No. 2 v. Hyde, 466 U.S. 2 (1984).

Companies that violate this law are subject to many sanctions. If you need memory, I can help you with the best memory alternative to fit your needs at very competitive pricing.


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