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New Advancements in Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi environment is now getting faster and faster with the announcement of the 802.11 ac.


The latest Wi-Fi technology, called “802.11ac,” offers speeds of up to 1.3 Gigabits per second.  That’s fast enough to transfer an entire high-definition movie to a tablet in under 4 minutes, share photo albums with friends in a matter of seconds or stream three HD videos at the same time.  It’s more than double the top speed of the previous standard, known as 802.11n.


The new Wi-Fi standard comes at a crucial time.  The average number of Wi-Fi devices in U.S. households has doubled since 2008, with each home averaging four devices connected to the Wi-Fi network during peak usage times.  We will keep you posted on the availability of the new products.


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