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The article below is another fine example of how the use of High Performance Computing is helping to advance the development and deployment of equipment to keep our military safe from the dangers they face every day.



Army supercomputing center signals growth in Soldier protection solutions


Supercomputers at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Army Research Laboratory that are helping engineers to influence the direction of future armor solutions and other unprecedented capabilities for the soldier moved in to a space large enough to house 5 supercomputers each with 4,000 to 20,000 processors each. In the next 4 years, the center will quadruple its computing capacity.



At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) vowed continued support during his remarks at the ARL Supercomputing Center Ribbon Cutting and open house. His visit comes on the heels of a national cyber security dialogue with China during a recent congressional visit there.



“Cyber security work done here is critically important to our national security,” Cardin said.



Army researchers use the center’s supercomputing systems to design and develop military technologies, such as future armor systems and other unprecedented capabilities for the soldier.



The new facility has over 20,000 square feet of supercomputing room space, which will house up to 6 supercomputing systems by fiscal 2016. The centers capacity will grow from 1.2 petaflops to 4.8 petaflops by 2016.



This kind of processing power will enable the kinds of simulations and calculations that were difficult, and sometimes impossible, to realize before HPC.




Projects that have benefitted from this technology include the Interim Frag Kit 6 and the MRAP expedient and spiral armor program, each designed to defeat IEDs.



Had they used desktop computers, it would have taken 17 centuries to compute what HPCs did in about a month.



Spinoffs from that project resulted in armors for route clearance vehicles including Husky, Buffalo and RG31 and also launched the MRAP Expedient Armor Program (IED armor) and the MRAP Spiral Armor Program (IED armor for the RG-33 IMG MaxxPro Plus and Caiman: and the quick reaction armor support (including development and analysis) to theater.

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