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“Simple things can speed you up!” by Scott Kane on February 27, 2015

Cables to Go (C2G) is launching their latest educational drive that involves the new USB standard.  C2G is training their customers on the USB 3.1 standard and the USB Type C connector.  These are brand new technologies that improve the way we all connect.  This new technology is known as USB Superspeed Plus according to an article on  The data transfer rate is twice the speed of the USB devices we use today and will transfer about 10GB of data per second.   What does that mean to people using the new type of Superspeed Plus devices?  This means… Read More

“No need for hooves to lead the wolves” by Brian Bernadel on February 23, 2015

Many sales people are thought of as vicious and carnivorous.  The movie Wolf on Wall Street is a prime example of how many successful people are perceived.  I even read a motivational statement recently that said, “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”  The idea that we are so competitive and to the point, is highly based in fact.  We are always looking for the opportunity to move ourselves into the next step, or better position and that is often what drives us.  We all want something from our lives and we are all trying… Read More

All Clouds are the same or are they? by Ron Newlin on February 23, 2015

  Clouds are becoming more vertically focused to meet the specific needs for protecting and securing the data for their customer’s, patients and clients? In the Federal space, a large part of the Federal Budget is spent in Healthcare   Computer crimes have continued to increase over the years and the proof is shown in a survey by the Ponemom Institute which showed a 40% PHI theft increase between 2009 and 2013.  The reason for the increase that the researchers claim, is that many healthcare organizations fall behind in security in comparison to retail and financial organizations and healthcare agencies… Read More

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