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Forced to Remain Current. By Scott Kane on August 29, 2014

Lenovo reported increased sales due to the fact that Microsoft has retired Windows XP.  According to a new report on Eye on Windows News, other PC manufacturers have also confirmed this to be true.   Many consumers hold onto their computers as long as possible, but it is good to remain with current technology, since advancements are moving so fast and computers should really be refreshed about every three to five years.     Newer systems are being made to work more efficiently by automatically recognizing printers, and  other accessories that are connected and automatically going out to the internet to… Read More

Script it and missed it. By Brian Bernadel on August 22, 2014

Many people work on the phone and conduct much of their business via this universal creation.  One of the problems with working on the phone is that many people lose their own personality and forget that the person on the other end of the line is more than just a potential sale.  People can sense when someone is trying to take advantage of them.  Although most people in sales and especially in phone sales, are genuinely honest, many of them still come across as vultures.   I think the reason why people seem so insincere is because many marketing firms rely… Read More

Lenovo Expands P.C. Line for SMB Customers. By Scott Kane on August 22, 2014

Lenovo just announced in an article in PC World on August 22, 2014; they will release three new PC’s aimed at small businesses with low cost budgets.  The systems will have management tools that smaller businesses will benefit from and the devices will be very affordable.   These new systems will have Smart USB protection which offers the ability to control the ports, so that users can be kept from transferring data to unsecure storage devices.  All three of the machines will also have hybrid hard disk drives (HDDs) that are as fast as a solid state drives and have… Read More

Cloud Trends and Small Business. By Ron Newlin on August 18, 2014

Cloud solutions have proven they are here to stay.  Hybrid and Public Cloud solutions present themselves as the optimum choice of the future.  The trend away from Private clouds and towards the newer Hybrid and Public clouds will only pick up pace as the understanding of the benefits of cloud based solutions prove their worth outside the data center. This information was paraphrased from Tim Fitzgerald VP of Cloud Solutions for Avnet in his blog on on August 7, 2014.     A recent trend towards moving out of the datacenter has shown that the group pf stakeholders and… Read More

Taking the stage with the master of the cage. By Brian Bernadel on August 15, 2014

Better Direct has been a long time business partner of IBM and Lenovo products.  They are now taking the stage with the masters of the cage.  Since the announcement of the official purchase the X Series line from IBM early in 2014, people have been looking forward to the new line of servers that Lenovo will have to offer.  One thing that makes Better Direct unique, is the fact that we have the ability to help any agency or company that is concerned about who they need to place orders with for X Series.  We have all of the IBM… Read More

Better Direct and Dell Shake Hands as Budding Partnership Grows. By Joshua Breese on August 15, 2014

Dell has been a tremendous help in  diversifying our product line here at Better Direct. They have an easy system to build quotes, their federal team is very transparent and easy to work with, and they are eager to take on new and developing partners with in the channel. For years Dell would sell mostly direct to customer, and this dissuaded our company as well as many other qualified small businesses from working with them.  However, since the beginning of the 2014, I have seen a tremendous change; not only with in their organization, but within our own. If you… Read More

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