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What is the newest cloud purchase by IBM on February 5, 2014

Although IBM acquired cloud infrastructure provider SoftLayer in July 2013, IBM continues to look for addtional software providers to make its newly acquired cloud solutions more competitive with the competition Amazon, Microsoft, and other big rivals.  SoftLayer provides both bare metal and virtual servers in one laaS (infrastructure as a Service) implementation. What that means to you the customer is that your enterprise application has the best of both worlds. on one hand it gets your performance dedicated hardware, and on the other it can you on demand provisioning to spillover bursts as an example. We will be following this… Read More

Don’t doubt the cloud. on February 5, 2014

Nearly everyone today has heard of the “cloud” but many people still wonder what it is.  The term “cloud” seems so omniscient that it can be very intimidating and scary.  Especially for the fact that most people assume that a “cloud” is going to be unprotected and vulnerable to  internet predators.   The fact is that the “cloud” is nothing more than an online storage environment that can be accessed from nearly anywhere.  Many manufactures are building small personal storage devices that have the ability of creating a private cloud for consumers.  Lenovo is no stranger to new and emerging technology… Read More

Move don’t Snooze. on February 5, 2014

Ever had to move from one place to another?  Most people at some point and time, go through a complete move.  It can be tiring and stressful as well as extremely costly.  Very few people stay in one place their entire lives.  I have been moving out of an apartment recently and into a bigger house.  It is nice because we have far more space than we had in our apartment and my son finally has his own bedroom.  He gets to play with all of his toys at once now and he is loving it.  My wife was worried… Read More

Lenovo and IBM big changes coming on February 5, 2014

Lenovo made three strategic moves in just one month: 1) Buying IBM’s x86 server business. 2) Reorging into four business units-most imprtanitly including one call “ecosystem and cloud group”, and 3) buying Motorola Mobility.  The later two are driven by the mobile mind shift- the increasing expetation of individuals that they can access information and service, in context, in their moment of need. Lenovo see the value of Smartphones as the central point to thaas are the ecosystem and cloud services that deliver value through the smartphones. Lenovo has stated intentions to become a leading smartphone maker globally. Buying Motorala… Read More

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