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Peg or Leg? on July 29, 2013

I once broke my leg.  For those of you who have experienced this, you already know that once my leg healed I had to learn how to walk again.  It wasn’t easy and it required a lot of time and dedication.  I recently took on a corporate position after a long stint in college and only working service jobs.  Being out of the corporate world for so long made coming back, a culture shock for me.  My boss was joking with me earlier about how when I first started I would get an executive on the… Read More

zEnterprise BC12 on July 29, 2013

On Tuesday IBM formally launched its latest mainframe computer, a type of machine that has been around for 49 years, and has endured through minicomputers, microcomputers, personal computers, and servers.  Most notably, the new machine, with the attractive name zEnterprise BC12, costs $75,000.  That is a price cut of about 25 percent from the last model in this series of mainframes.  To add more perspective, 10 years ago, before the zEnterprise series was around, Big Blue proudly launched a model called the Z990, or T-Rex, that started at $1 million.  Prices went way up from there. Read More

eNet Components, Inc. is Leading the Way in Communications Technology by Providing 40GB Transceivers with Ingram Micro on July 19, 2013

  LAKE FOREST, California – eNet Components, leading manufacturer and full-service provider of OEM compatible Transceivers, Memory and Cables, is announcing the release of their 40GB transceiver. The company’s position, along with channel partners, is providing resellers the most recent high-demand transceivers while offering end-users the best value possible for Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, Brocade, Dell Force10 and many more networking manufacturers. “eNet provides resellers options to meet their end user’s budgetary… Read More

Breach of Security Day after Day on July 19, 2013

  Today, there is a greater understanding of cyber security risks and challenges than ever before.  It is hard to go a single day without reading a story about an organization that has been breached.  For many people, the challenges around Internet and computer security are also ones that hit close to home as identity theft and credit card fraud are daily occurrences.  It is important to keep your systems updated to the latest software upgrades.       Just last week I was hit with a malware… Read More

Fortify and Protect on July 19, 2013

I am the Enterprise Relations Manager at Better Direct.  As a part of my job, I gather information for government agencies and businesses alike.  One of the companies that we work for recently asked for assistance with research on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).  I knew that it was something that commonly existed and is an active procedure for most organizations.   Most people who watch over important data want to know when an unauthorized person is trying to access that data and most want to… Read More

Time In and Time Out on July 9, 2013

Many people go to work, watch the clock all day, and pray for the day to be over.  It can be easy to become more concerned with the time you have off work due to the fact we spend more of our lives working than we do relaxing.    You know when people say “where did the time go?”  Well I can honestly say that there are few people that I have spoken with can honestly say that they “forget” about the time.  My best suggestion is to… Read More

on July 3, 2013

The article below is another fine example of how the use of High Performance Computing is helping to advance the development and deployment of equipment to keep our military safe from the dangers they face every day.     Army supercomputing center signals growth in Soldier protection solutions   Supercomputers at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Army Research Laboratory that are… Read More

Building Blocks on July 3, 2013

What is success?  It is a question that I have been contemplating since I was a child.  My family is divided between those who are wealthy and those who are not.  The wealthy ones thought success was measured by how much money one made, and how well that person was educated. My rich uncle, although a very family oriented man, was only concerned with getting his daughters nice clothes and making sure they got good grades.  To him, happiness wasn’t important at all.   I think it is… Read More

New Advancements in Wi-Fi on July 3, 2013

The Wi-Fi environment is now getting faster and faster with the announcement of the 802.11 ac.   The latest Wi-Fi technology, called “802.11ac,” offers speeds of up to 1.3 Gigabits per second.  That’s fast enough to transfer an entire high-definition movie to a tablet in under 4 minutes, share photo albums with friends in a matter of seconds or stream three HD videos at the same time.  It’s more than double the top speed of the previous standard, known as 802.11n.  … Read More

Show the Way and Motivate on July 3, 2013

I used to be the Marketing Director for a large mortgage firm and one aspect of my job was to train people, to challenge them, and get them motivated.   One thing that I have learned from my experience is that it is often easier to train people than it is to motivate them.  People all have different motivators and all too often I see people trying to use a single motivator to engage an entire group.  Some people are motivated by money, and some are motivated by… Read More

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