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Backwards or Forward? on June 10, 2013

I work in a company that is a sales based company.  Although I view my role here as more public relations oriented after all what I’m really selling is myself and my abilities. Even though, sales are still a big part of our business as they are for most businesses in America.  Sales are what drive profits.  Sales are the reason I come to work every day.   If everyone in the country suddenly stopped buying anything, no one would have any… Read More

We Do It Better At Better Direct on June 7, 2013

Hi everyone!  This week I want to talk about the exciting opportunities going on here at Better Direct.  We are continuing to secure new relationships within the distribution channel and with manufacturers.  We are engaged in new initiatives as we develop working relationship with our Lenovo and IBM counterparts.   As Premier Business Partners with both Lenovo and IBM, we are able to utilize these relationships to help you design, engineer, and implement solutions.  Our goal is to work with the manufacturers… Read More

Why IBM SPSS? on June 7, 2013

There are several reasons why any company would want to use Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.  Companies deploying this software are able to create and collect data from surveys, receive statistics from them, and make better decisions based on the information obtained.  SPSS even helps to provide predictive data which also helps with the decision making process.  There are four versions of SPSS that can be used individually or combined.   SPSS Modeler is a crucial piece to the statistical puzzle. … Read More

Pro Audio and Video solutions on GSA on June 7, 2013

    Hi Folks,   I have heard through the grapevine, GSA RFQ solicitations for Pro Audio equipment are largely ignored. The reason is simple and complex at the same time.  Computer electronics, (for lack of a better term) including: servers, networking, desktop, laptop, accessories, Jumba Juice, etc, are all found in “standard distribution.”   This means there 5 large distributors to source from.  ProAV equipment is much more complex.  Hundreds of smaller distributors carry certain brands only. And they only sell to a handful of authorized resellers.  … Read More

Partnerships We Stand Behind – By: Chris Hustrulid on June 3, 2013… Read More

Flex and Express – By: Brian Bernadel on June 3, 2013

New technology capabilities and the growth of data have created several problems for many businesses.  Older servers have reached their maximum potential for growth and are highly inefficient.  IBM has changed the way we think about computing since the 1980’s and are still the leader in information technology today.   The recent release of the IBM PureFlex Systems is starting to change the way we manage datacenters.  They are essentially an entire data center integrated into one machine.  PureFlex Systems are offered in three different categories: Express, Standard,… Read More

The Importance of Compatibility – By: Josh Breese on June 3, 2013

A big part of my job at Better Direct is reaching out to customers and IT folks on a daily basis. One of the things I like to bring up is compatibility.  As a value added reseller it’s my job to ensure you’re getting the right product for the right job.  One of the nice things in dealing with Better Direct is; we are trained to be concerned with compatibility.    When something is not configured correctly or the wrong part is ordered, the first and usually the… Read More

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