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Better Direct is Growing Leaps and Bounds – By: Lou Torres on May 31, 2013

I am so excited about the growth of Better Direct in 2013.  It seems that for every challenge we face we have a solution to solve it.  We are actively adding new contracts and working in all levels of the Federal Government.    As a Service Disabled Veteran small business and a HUBZone Certified Small Company, we are able to attract many new customers.  Our goal here at Better Direct is to be professional in every way and provide the right solution for our Clients.  That has been,… Read More

Train for the Game – By: Brian Bernadel on May 31, 2013

Youth sports are a big part of many children’s memories.  Kids are taught how to work as a team, pay attention, and how to overcome difficulty.  I remember my football coach always telling us, “We win because we train harder than anyone else!”  That actually turned out to be true.  We won state 3 years in a row and went undefeated 2 of the 3 winning seasons.   Our success wasn’t related to our skills at all.  We truly did win because we practiced more hours a day… Read More

Lenovo K900 on May 31, 2013

Watch out – Kobe’s got one….     Josh Wood (866) 921-3858 x231… Read More

Lenovo Tab2 on May 10, 2013

Why the Lenovo Tab 2 is better than the iPad     1.0 Windows OS      1.1. Adobe flash      1.2. HDMI Video out      1.3. 10.1” vs 9.7” Display      1.4. Milspec tested      1.5. High grade Material           1.5.1. Polycarbonate, polycarbonate           1.5.2. ABS          1.5.3. magnesium alloy      1.6. External microSD slot for increased RAM      1.7. Real dock           1.7.1. Recharging capability           1.7.2. synchronization function           1.7.3. built-in USB hub (3-port)          1.7.4. built-in audio output          1.7.5. HDMI output           1.7.6. microphone input           1.7.7. built-in 10/100 Ethernet port      1.8. Dual-Core CPU… Read More

Sow the Seed & Reap the Wealth on May 10, 2013

As I have been getting older, I have noticed myself thinking about sustainability in life.  What can I continue and what must I let go of?  Only things that are sustainable can be given rights to stay.   Thinking in this mindset got me to start a small garden of the most common fruits and vegetables my wife and I eat.  I planted watermelons, tomatoes, jalapenos, and basil, because I determined that I could save my family nearly $575 a year on these items alone.  Eventually I would… Read More

The Keys to Success on May 10, 2013

Success is defined in a lot of different ways.  Some people think the measure of success is based on the amount of money you make or how big your home is.  Others think that success is building a family and being able to support them.  In fact, it seems that most people seem to think that success is measured only by monetary means.   For me, success is much simpler.  Not getting angry in traffic, finishing a much needed task, or simply finding peace with a very busy… Read More

IBM Storage Solutions on May 10, 2013

Companies of all sizes are faced with the challenge of managing massive volumes of increasingly valuable data.  Storing this data can be costly and extracting value from the data is becoming more and more difficult.   Companies have many challenges when dealing with storage solutions.  Some of these challenges include limited budget, space, and staff.  IBM is addressing these challenges with the Storwize V3700.   From the DS3500 to… Read More

Eaton Efficiency on May 10, 2013

Lately, I have begun to think about sustainability.  I am always taking proactive steps to reduce my carbon footprint as well as living a sustainable lifestyle.  Finding ways to actively follow the three R’s has become one of my main focuses.  I just changed my home thermostat to reduce my energy usage and I purchased Eaton backup battery systems for my home office.   The Eaton system is amazing.  It not only manages the electricity flow to my computer which prevents energy spikes, but it also has helped… Read More

Have You Ever Seen or Used a Panasonic Toughbook? on May 10, 2013

I wanted to take a minute and describe the new Toughbook series from Panasonic.  These notebooks combine superior performance and durability.      The CF31 series is a rugged model that is widely used in the law enforcement community.  The CF31 comes with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which allows for direct encryption technology. The CF51 is a semi-rugged version of the CF31.  These models are commonly used in moderate to rugged environments.    Here… Read More

Know What to Know on May 10, 2013

Modern times and technological advancements have made information more readily available than ever before.  People are more connected around the world with the Internet and now everyone’s phone number is stored somewhere other than our memory.  Technology can be a big advantage to many, and it can also be a crutch for others.  My 5-year-old nephew knows how to use an iPad better than I do.  In a world where children can use computers better than adults, what is the cost?  How many phone numbers do you have memorized other than your own?  I used to… Read More

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