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The Smartphone Battle – By: Josh Breese on January 30, 2013

Apple is once again the leader in smart phone sales.  Personally, I have the original Samsung Galaxy I in my pocket, and after putting it through relentless abuse and neglect, it’s still there when I need it.  I really find it comforting to know that as a Samsung Galaxy user, I did my part to help bolster the company responsible for going after what has become known as the “Big Dog” in the smart phone pack.  Apple and Samsung remain the talk of the tech world as the two titan’s battle for mobile supremacy.  The world may have reacted differently… Read More

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 – By: Josh Breese on January 30, 2013

  Are you looking for a reliable tablet that can withstand a beating? If you are watching the tech news lately, you may find that more and more companies are starting to pay attention to the reliability and durability of laptops and tablets in the work environment. Panasonic has always been synonymous with rugged laptops and other devices, and recently announced their newest creation the G1. A rugged Windows tablet, the ToughPad FZ-G1, with a MIL-STD-810G, can with stand a 4-foot drop and all-weather and dust, a water resistant design so you can take this tablet anywhere! From the golf… Read More

Are You Keeping Your Goals? By: Brian Bernadel on January 30, 2013

The first month of the New Year is coming to an end and many people have already forgotten their New Year’s resolutions.  Some people think that resolutions because the goals are too high.  I used to think the best way to succeed was to set easily attainable goals.  One thing I am learning is that if you never fail, you never learn to succeed.  I am starting to learn that by challenging myself, I can achieve greater things.  I used to think that setting unrealistic goals was worthless because it allows for failure.  I realize now that sometimes success isn’t… Read More

What’s New in 2013 – by: Lou Torres on January 21, 2013

On December 21, 2012, we were supposed to see the end of the world.  I’m thinking that didn’t happen, and I glad it didn’t.  The basic message of Moore’s law tells us that advancements in new technology will cause computer chip performance to double every two years.  So far this has held true; and if it continues, we will run face first into a brick wall somewhere around 2020 due to simple physical limitations. Next Big thing?  The” memristor”, a microscopic component that can “remember” electrical states even when turned off.  It’s expected to be far cheaper and faster… Read More

How Good is Your Memory – by: Brian Bernadel on January 21, 2013

Computer memory is constantly getting better.  I can remember just a few years ago when the largest memory chip available was less than a gigabyte.  My computer at home has a 3GB memory and that is relatively fast.  The one I use at work is an 8 GB chip and it is lighting fast.  There has been a recent advancement in memory that will change the way we look at computers.  The technology call a “Memristor” and according to an article by Simon Firth on HP’s website, this resistive random access memory (ReRAM) is “non-volatile” and contains enormous potential because,… Read More

Why Lenovo? By: Josh Wood on January 14, 2013

Every day it still surprises me that many of the federal clients I work with keep asking me to source them Dell and HP PC’s?  My answer is always the same, “I can’t and won’t sell you an inferior product. But I will sell you a great product that I can stand behind.” Then they say… “Well, who is Lenovo?”  So in case you didn’t know… Lenovo translates to “New Legend” and it would appear now that since the 2005 acquisition of IBM’s “Think” brand that a new legend has in fact been born.  Lenovo recently edged out Silicon Valley… Read More

Better Direct, a Great Place to Work – by: Lou Torres on January 14, 2013

I have had the privilege of working here at Better Direct over 2 years and it has been one of the best jobs I have ever had.  What I like best about our Company is we have fun providing services and results for our customers.  We have an outstanding team, and the environment offers support and allows the employees to share in the growth of the Company.  What sets Better Direct apart from the rest of the field is that we take a proactive approach to identifying potential challenges and needs our customers might experience.  As products change we have… Read More

Small and Mid-size Businesses Gaining Acceptance of the Cloud – by: Lou Torres on January 14, 2013

For small to mid-size businesses, the Cloud represents opportunities to level the playing field with larger companies with tremendous IT assets.  Cloud computing is a natural solution for smaller businesses that can’t make the investments in rooms full of servers, development teams, and data center infrastructure. Within the SMB environment and mid-size business, Cloud Management is fast gaining acceptance within the potential of cloud -based productivity applications.  Yet, this trend isn’t growing as fast with regards to enterprise applications.  When it comes to moving productivity suites to the cloud (which include word processing, spreadsheet and calendar applications), adoption is slow… Read More

Products That Put “The Gold” in Production – by: Brian Bernadel on January 14, 2013

Ipswitch, Inc. has recently created a new software line that can practically prevent any failure in a network configuration.  The reason why this new product can minimize any problems so well is because of its overall functionality.  The product works in five different ways to protect companies from failures.  One way is by discovering all available resources like network printers, drivers, and optical drives.  The second way is mapping the networks and automatically generating a visible readout of the map.  The third great thing about WhatsUpGold is the monitoring aspect.  With the visibility of a network it is easier to… Read More

Lenovo CEO distributes $3 Million – by: Chris Hustrulid on January 14, 2013

Yang “Robin the Hood” Yuanqing distributed over $3 million to some 10,000 receptionists, production-line workers, and assistants.  For some of the employees the bonus may have been close to an entire month’s wages.   A side note: mysterious explanations surround a month long surge in alcohol sales and enlarged crowds at dance clubs. Yang earned around $14 million last year and passed the pull to pad his salary. Lenovo’s has an enormous presence in China, it currently around 30 percent market share. My prediction is a year of transformation in North American. The Lenovo brand will… Read More

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