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Tell The World! on April 14, 2012

Google said to tell the world that we have joined Google+. We hope to build a strong community on the site.  If you like to use Google+, then we like to use Google+. Our favorite site is  That being said,  Google does have features we can learn from as people in technology.  I predict the smaller circles will be the most popular.  Facebook is becoming hard to manage with how everyone can see everyone’s comments unless adjusted. I am hoping Google+ will be something we all enjoy. Please follow our page as it grows.  The link is: Thank… Read More

A Little Bit of Perspective….by Josh Breese on April 13, 2012

The other day a long time customer of mine called and thanked me for a recent order that he had placed with us.  This particular order was for two Midland X-TRA TALK GXT1050VP4 radios.  These are basically two-way radios that retail for around $100.00.  I had to ask him, why now, out of the years and hundreds of orders he has placed with Better Direct, was he thanking me for these two radios? He informed me that one of the added features of the Midland X-TRA TALK GXT1050VP4’s was the ability to receive NOAA weather alerts for severe weather conditions. … Read More

Cloud Data Backup by Joe Marquez on April 13, 2012

Recently, Cloud data backup has grown more and more popular.  Our phones do it, our tablets do it, and soon when you visit the doctor’s office they’ll be able to send a “back up” of you to the cloud. It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what and the National Institute of Health are up to.  They have teamed up to create the 1000 Genomes Project, and thus far have already collected 1,700 human genomes.  Put more simply, they have compiled the recipe for making 1,700 different people. Researchers hope that by having this kind of data on hand, they’ll be… Read More

The Wonderful World Wide Web by Chris Hustrulid on April 13, 2012

We live in the information age.  Information is accessible at an unprecedented level now.   We have Wikipedia and Google.  Due to the availability of information, literally any disagreement with your “college educated” ex-girlfriend can be muted by a few double clicks on her mouse.  I have a high school buddy would argue just for the sake of arguing.  He even would argue when he was accused of being argumentative!  Obviously he did it simply to be boisterous in some feeble form of “peacocking”.  Now, with every teenager having a smart phone in his pocket these days, he will have to… Read More

Owner’s Blog by Mark Evans on April 13, 2012

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the fine US soldiers and Afghans that I served with.  I think of them and I think about my brothers and sisters that are over there now going through the same fight. Each day I’m haunted by the memories of what I could have done better, smarter and faster.  If perhaps I did, others might be alive today and we would need fewer soldiers there today.  Invariably my turns to going back for another tour.  Another try through the dusty compounds and villages of Eastern Afghanistan.  To see… Read More

Praise for Better Direct on April 12, 2012

Better Direct would greatly appreciate your feedback on how we are doing.  Compliments and concerns are appreciated on our work, our team, our service and products.  Anything we are doing right or need to improve? So far we have received some praise and decided to lose our shyness about it!  Please read and thank you! “I have worked with Mark for over 10 years on projects of varying complexity. He consistently delivers outstanding results, quality products, and value to every engagement. He is a true professional in all aspects of business and can always be counted upon to bring creative… Read More

Hello world! on April 10, 2012

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