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Intel Processors by Lou Torres on February 24, 2012

Ever wonder what the designation of the alpha listing on the Intel Processor mean?  For example E 5640.  What does  the ‘E’ stand for?  See a quick “cheat sheet” below! X = Performance E = Mainstream (rack mount) L = Power Optimized -Lou… Read More

Technological Advances – How Will They Impact Us? by Joe Marquez on February 24, 2012

On, IBM’s Vice President of Innovation, Bernie Meyerson, discussed five technological advances that will impact our lives in the next five years. 1. The human body will be able to become a source of power for small electronics like ipods or phones. 2. The growth of fingerprint scanners will soon eliminate the need for passwords 3. Soon computers will be so smart that we will be able to think something and that thought process can be executed without lifting a finger. 4. Similarly, computers will be so good at understanding their user that spam mail will become a thing of the… Read More

Making Your Data Center Energy Efficient by Jean Weise on February 24, 2012

Finding Energy Loss The cheapest kilowatt is the one you don’t use.  With this in mind, when we can locate an area where we are losing energy and take corrective action where we can use less energy, in effect obtaining a large number of the cheapest kilowatts because we will be able to lower the number we use. One of the first things you need to consider to locate areas where energy loss is occurring is to obtain an interior and exterior view of your data center with respect to thermal loss. Doing so will point out areas where you… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note by Josh Breese on February 18, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note is the first tablet to come with a 4G LTE radio tucked inside to let you phone home so to speak… Unfortunately, you might look a little off with the 5.3 inch tablet up to your head. With 1280×800 HD Super AMOLED display you can Skype, play videos and surf the net with stunning HD quality. The Note’s 8-megaapixel camera is faster than most Samsung devices, but unfortunately it still won’t beat out the iPhone 4s or even certain Moto handsets, still it will get the job done. It’s available in Carbon Blue and Ceramic White,… Read More

Technological Advances by Lou Torres on February 18, 2012

Advances in computer technology provide a wide range of applications which are revolutionizing how we do business. The development of new software for the office creates a web of communication among staff, client services and data storage. Advances in technology offer the business the ability to go paperless and to virtualize the work environment in other words to run greener. Today, computers are assisting in the development of new innovations, significantly speeding up the development process.  New advances in technology are rendering computers of a year ago obsolete.  No sooner is a computer model manufactured than the next one has… Read More

Owner’s Blog by Mark Evans on February 18, 2012

The Global Economy.  It’s fun to think of the world as “us against them”, but in economics it’s not true.  American companies make parts overseas and sell them throughout the World.  “Foreign companies” manufacture products in the US and export them to other countries.  It is a question of “Comparative Advantage”.  What one location is good at another place for reason of labor, material, or local low/customs may not be good at.  The objective for a business is to get a quality product to the customer at a low price, when they need it in such a way, and manner that the… Read More

Video Blog – Keyboard Shorts by Chris Hustrulid on February 18, 2012

Watch! Enjoy! – Chris Hustrulid… Read More

Warranties by Jean Weise on February 18, 2012

Warranties Warranty is to computers as insurance is to cars… Would you drive your car out of the driveway without automobile insurance?  Probably not, so why drive your business without sufficient warranty and maintenance on your computers? Did you know that even though your equipment has expired from warranty maintenance, you can still purchase a ServicePac without any penalties or any additional cost other than the cost of the warranty?  One year or two? What’s your need?  24x2x7, 24x4x7, 9x5NBD, we can set you in the right direction with maintenance.  Give me a call at 866.921.3858 ext. 236 Jean… Read More

Better Direct’s Updated Website by Alison Evans on February 11, 2012

Better Direct has changed their web site. There were a few glitches going over to a new format, but everything is more intuitive now.  We hope you enjoy the blog and the shop especially. Major contributors of the new blog are: Sara Amodio     Josh Breese     Alison Evans    Mark Evans Not pictured yet, but still interesting contributors, are Chris Hustrulid, Kush Patel, and Lou Torres. The shop is open 24 hours and has very near to real time inventory feeds.  Some constrained items will have availability questions, but… Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts…..Need A Refresher? by Chris Hustrulid on February 11, 2012

Keyboard short cuts are way to expedite common operations by reducing input sequences to a few keystrokes, hence the term shortcut. Take a minute to learn (or re-learn) a few and you will realize how keyboard shortcuts can exponentially improve your overall efficiency and speed. Most shortcuts will be keystrokes located on the western hemisphere of your QWERTY Keyboard, leaving your right hand free to operate the mouse. Today I am going to teach you, what I think are some of the most commonly used, (or unused) shortcuts. ALT+TAB -This shortcut switches between top-level windows. -Easily alternate between the two… Read More

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