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“The Rise of the Ransom” by Brian Bernadel

Computer viruses have been a problem for nearly 20 years and despite hundreds of types of anti-virus programs, hackers continue to exploit us for our vulnerability.  They are always writing new virus programs and looking for our weaknesses.  Now your cell phones are at just as great of a risk of infection.


Modern hackers have discovered that simply infecting your computer and corrupting your files was only the beginning of hacking.  Currently there is a more unscrupulous type of hacking going on called ransomware.  This is essentially the equivalent to a hostage scenario, only it involves personal files and data being held for ransom by locking and encrypting them so you can no longer gain access.


According to an article by Jakub Kroustek about ransomware on the site, Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, and TeslaCrypt, are some of the most common forms of the ransomware to be used.  He wrote that the programmers making these viruses use programming languages like C, C++, and C#.  But, that they are also using languages like JavaScript, Java, and even Windows .bat files.  He also wrote that “the ransomware trend is steadily increasing,” especially because he has identified “ransomware-as-a-service” offerings, and said that they are threatening to make matters worse.


Kroustek’s main point was that if you are infected with a ransomware virus, it may not be too late to recover your data/files without paying the ransom.  He said that there are no guarantees the hacker will release the files, and that many of these programs also have weaknesses in their encryptions.  He said that if no one ever paid, the ransom, this type of crime would quickly cease to exist, so please refuse to pay for your files if you become a victim.  If this does happen to you, there is still hope and the possibility of getting back your files so don’t give in.  If you need better antivirus protection please reach out to us for more information about the best products in the business.


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