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“How Small is Small” by Laurence Valdez

amor en linea cristianos I was a big fan of the movie” 1941” that starred John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. There was a prophetic scene in the movie where the Japanese were trying to get a full sized transistor radio down the hatch of a submarine and one Sailor said in Japanese “ We’re going to have to figure out how to make these things smaller.”

amor en juego pelicula completa online How small is small? How about a Super computer in a workstation! That will soon be a reality with the release of Intel’s new 72 core supercomputing Xeon Phi chip that they code-named Knights Landing. According to an article on workstations will be made available to researchers that don’t have access to supercomputers. They will be able to test code before deployment to supercomputers.

Let’s take a look at the chip itself. It apparently has 72 cores according to PC World and based off the latest intel offerings I am guessing 4 threads per core so 288 threads total? The Knights Landing chip can provide peak performance of 3 teraflops, which will make it one of the most powerful in the Intel line up. The chip is on par with the some of the high end graphics chips used on some of the fastest computers in existence.  With a growing number of high performance computing (HPC) venders it appears that Intel’s newest offering has crafted a lower cost offering to the HPC and supercomputing market. Almost anyone can benefit for this technology.  For more information about HPC or how to order, please feel free to call.


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