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Growing Power

best places to buy Dash If your business or organization is growing, then that means so are your technology requirements. If you are working out of a home office a power strip may be enough, but if not you will eventually need a PDU.  You may ask, what is a PDU? A PDU is a Power Distribution Unit, it distributes reliable power to multiple devices. It may not generate power but it does deliver AC power from an UPS, generator, and other devices such as networking hardware, and telecom equipment. PDU’s do the same job as a power strip but they are designed for installation in equipment racks, and are most often used in data centers, VolP phone systems and industrial environments. If any of these sound like something your business or organization may need you may want to ask yourself these six questions.

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  1. What kind of Plugs do my devices have?
  2. What kind of input power do I have?
  3. Where will I install it? ( PDU Models are available in 1U or 2U heights for mounting)
  4. How much power does my equipment need?
  5. How many outlets do my devices need?
  6. Do I need any other features?

If any other questions pop up we can compare features and get you just what you need, don’t hesitate to give me a call today!


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