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“Background Noise, No Problem” by Scott Kane on May 10, 2016

top us lisk exchanges Cost-effective and noise-cancelling headset problems solved with VXI headset products.  Better Direct can provide VXI products that are extremely cost effective when compared with the competition.  Some of the product units being offered are Bluetooth, USB, Wireless, Wired and Stereo Headphones.  The VXI VoxStar unit retails at $69.99 each.  This unit will allow you to connect to two phones or two Bluetooth devices at once.  The battery life is rated at about 7 hours and the comfortability is a definitely amazing. Some of specifications for the VoxStar are: Weight of .7 OZ; Range up to 66 feet; 93% Noise-cancelling.   … Read More

“The Rise of the Ransom” by Brian Bernadel on May 10, 2016

bbc click raiblocks Computer viruses have been a problem for nearly 20 years and despite hundreds of types of anti-virus programs, hackers continue to exploit us for our vulnerability.  They are always writing new virus programs and looking for our weaknesses.  Now your cell phones are at just as great of a risk of infection.   Modern hackers have discovered that simply infecting your computer and corrupting your files was only the beginning of hacking.  Currently there is a more unscrupulous type of hacking going on called ransomware.  This is essentially the equivalent to a hostage scenario, only it involves personal files and … Read More

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